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  • Product Name: FG11 Lead Room for Dental Filming
  • Product category: Protective accessories series
  • Company name: Longkou Longyue Medical Device Co., Ltd.
  • Contact number: 0535-8598699
  • Contact address: Longkou City, Shandong Province, China
  • Add time: 21/03/05
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       Dental professional lead room is a protective device used in dental radiotherapy, which is characterized by good protection effect, relatively closed, and can well protect doctors for operation and treatment. Dental lead room, as a necessary protection facility of dental clinic, is a new protection method derived from the development of dental radiography technology, because for general dental clinic, the cost of building a room with lead plate protective wall, ray protective door and ray protective window is too high, and if the clinic is relocated, the whole protection room will be closed The dental lead room is a new type of protective equipment made of lead steel composite structure, which is better than the previous honest room It has the advantages of strong radiation absorption capacity, low cost, short construction time, fast putting into use, and can be moved according to the needs.

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