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       The protective lead door is divided into: horizontal lead door, push-pull lead door, rotary lead door, plug lead door and combined lead door.
(1) Flat lead door. It is mainly used in places with weak radiation intensity and air tightness requirements. It is generally used in personnel access. In this type of places, the thickness of shielding layer is generally small, the channel size is small and there are air tightness requirements, and the opening mode can generally be manually opened.
(2) Push and pull the lead door. It is mainly used in places with relatively strong radiation intensity and no air tightness requirements. It is generally used in the outer door of the people's mixed entrance and exit channel or special logistics channel. The outer space of the channel is large, the thickness of the shielding layer is relatively large, the channel size is large and there are no air tightness requirements. The opening mode can be generally manual or electric.
(3) Revolving lead door. The rotating radiation protection door is generally used in the place with strong radiation intensity and small external site, and it is generally used as the innermost protection of the radiation emission device. The dose level in this area is high and the space is small, so it is not suitable for the installation of push-pull and flat open radiation protection doors.

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