Longyue Protective accessories series

Protect the physical and mental health of medical staff attentively
  • Product Name: Protective chair
  • Product category: Protective accessories series
  • Company name: Longkou Longyue Medical Device Co., Ltd.
  • Contact number: 0535-8598699
  • Contact address: Longkou City, Shandong Province, China
  • Add time: 21/03/05
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       The protective chair is made of square tube, steel tube, stainless steel material, lead plate, etc. the lead equivalent on the front and both sides of the protective chair shall not be less than 0.5 MMPB. When the seat is under the load of 135kg, the seat and the seat shall not produce permanent deformation.
1. High configuration
       Equipped with high strength steel hinge and safety belt, hidden cylinder and high strength steel hinge structure, it can provide safe and slow buffer opening and closing to protect baby's safety
2. Easy to use
       This machine is made of anti-bacterial HDPE material, compact and ultra-thin contour design, which can effectively prevent bacterial contamination
3. Safety performance
       Safety belt design is adopted to fully guarantee children's safety and effectively avoid accidents
4. Applicable place
       This product is suitable for hospitals, kindergartens, restaurants, shopping malls, stations and other public places

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