Longyue Protective mask and glasses

Protect the physical and mental health of medical staff attentively
  • Product Name: FC13-5 Lead Glasses for Kids
  • Product category: Protective mask and glasses
  • Company name: Longkou Longyue Medical Device Co., Ltd.
  • Contact number: 0535-8598699
  • Contact address: Longkou City, Shandong Province, China
  • Add time: 21/03/05
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       According to the growth characteristics of children, children's protective glasses are made by special technology. The size is suitable for children's face size and can effectively protect children's tender eyes. Protective glasses are a kind of glasses that play a special role. They are used in different occasions and need different glasses. There are many kinds of protective glasses, such as dust-proof glasses, impact resistant glasses, chemical resistant glasses and radiation resistant glasses. Protective glasses, also known as labor protection glasses, are divided into two categories: safety glasses and protective masks. Their main functions are to protect eyes and face from the radiation of ultraviolet, infrared, microwave and other electromagnetic waves, as well as the damage caused by dust, smoke, metal, gravel debris and chemical solution sputtering.

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