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       The imported sleeveless one-piece protective clothing is made by international leading technology, suitable for medical staff and laboratory use. The fabric is soft, the handle is delicate, the size is optional, the color is rich, and the quality is excellent. It is a necessary tool to protect you from radiation.
       The most common thing to see about radiation protective clothing is that in some places like hospitals, what are the steps for customers to inspect patient protective clothing? Customers order customized protective clothing from the manufacturer of patient protective clothing. After completion, customers need to inspect it. How should they inspect it? What are the steps for inspecting radiation protective clothing? Let's understand?
1. Standard, first of all, standard, that is, as we know, the size of clothes must be correct, not marked with m or L.
2. The workmanship depends on the whole line. It mainly depends on whether the thread of the garment is straight or even. Is the needle pitch thin or dense? Generally, the needle pitch is better.
       In the initial time, whether there are back and forth seams, and whether the joints are aligned. Back stitching: when making a garment, you usually need to go back and forth for a few stitches. In this way, the garment will not simply open, and you can also see the garment by looking at the side seam. You can see some places that are biased by comparison, and the places that most people don't pay attention to are "collar" and "poor sleeves and armpits".
3. Whether the needle and thread are regular. The looseness and tightness of the stay wire are different in different parts. "For example, the shoulder, the part of the human body that often moves, is better to be looser than to be tighter at the bottom of the clothes.
4. The shape of the plate is not symmetrical, and the section is not regular.
5. The thread is clear, the clothes of general brand. They have the last part, there is a special person to deal with the thread, the general price of cheap patient protective clothing is generally not. There is also a patient protective clothing, if the demand quality is good, the best thread is not more than 10 mm.
6. Conduct ironing as a whole to see if there are problems in some places.
7. Overall cleaning.
8. Standardized packaging of patient protective clothing: first, a piece of clothing should be laid flat to see if there is color difference, whether the time is outside, whether the clothes are even up and down, and then check whether there are small holes. It's good to be able to do the above eight points. If you can do it, it's already a good radiation protection suit.

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