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Protect the physical and mental health of medical staff attentively

Selection of radiation protection materials

The primary materials for shielding radiation include lead plate, Ray Fender, and Ray protective coating sulfuric acid sand. According to the actual situation, lead plate is used more than bumper bar of Ray in the profession, high purity door making is a required material! If a new type of environmental protection Ray Fender and Ray protection coating sulfuric acid sand with a large amount of wall protection and protection is an optional material with low cost and good protection, it has gradually become the mainstream product of radiation protection engineering in radiation protection engineering.
High proportion of tungsten alloy has been widely used in various medical devices such as CT, linear accelerator, PET, gamma camera, etc., which can provide better radiation protection and beam guidance.
The gamma rays emitted by radiation sources in the human body are isotropic, and the detector of SPECT system will receive radiation within 360 degrees, so it seems to be chaotic, it cannot correctly reflect the correct distribution of radionuclides in the body. The function of high proportion of tungsten alloy collimator is to locate gamma rays in space and only allow rays within a specific angle range in a specific direction to pass through, thus establishing a corresponding relationship between the rays emitted from the human body and each hole of collimator. Among them, tungsten alloy has certain absorption and shielding effect on gamma rays, which can reduce the harm of rays to human body.
The materials used for radiation protection will be different according to the customer's needs, radiation equipment parameters and sites, and their choices will also be different.
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