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Protect the physical and mental health of medical staff attentively

On the protection standard of X-ray protective clothing from materials

X-ray protective clothing we can often see it on medical personnel, because they deal with X-rays all the year round, which is harmful to human body. Therefore, we should meet the protection standards in selecting materials, the following is an introduction to the protection standards of protective clothing materials:
I. There are many forms but the protective area is limited to the upper body, which is equivalent to the protective area of a lead rubber waistcoat or vest. The front length is 650~700mm, and the back length is 150~300mm.
II. The lead equivalent of protective clothing. The predecessor has a variety of specifications such as 0.25, 0.30, 0.35, and 0.5mmb, and the back is generally 0.25 MMB.
3. Since the protective layer of protective clothing is removable lining, it can also be used as protective clothing or cold protective clothing when performing non-radioactive operations.
IV. Classification:
1. According to braid buckle methods: there is a difference between front fastening nylon buckle and the knot before the backup belt.
2. According to the protection area, there are two types: single-sided and double-sided. Single-sided only protects the predecessor, and double-sided can prevent the back, waist and back upper body.
3. According to the difference between men's and women's users: men's size is larger, the fabric color is single, women's size is smaller, and the fabric color is beautiful.
4. According to the scope of protection, it can be divided into: long and short. Short people only protect the gonad area below the waist. The elderly are 110mm long and 60mm wide from the neck to the knee joint.
V. Protective clothing is mainly used for radiation workers who use clocks for fluorescent penetration, suitable for mobile cart outdoor fluorescent penetration inspection and field mobile X-ray industrial flaw detection personnel.
6. Soft lead rubber is used as protective material. The exterior is made of leather, woolen cloth, waterproof cloth, nylon gabardine and other fabrics, and the inner cover is made of feather yarn, nylon silk and other lining. Some are suitable for winter field radioactive operations, and wool lining can be added.
VII. Protective apron is a personal protective equipment for radiation diagnostic personnel. It is mainly used for radiation workers who perform fluorescent vision through clocks. Clinicians who are engaged in various special X-ray examinations beside X-ray machines, as well as radiation protection personnel who monitor the protective dose in the X-ray radiation field.
X-ray protective clothing is an important means to prevent X-ray. It has very strict requirements and standards for the selection, processing and leaving the factory, and the material can only use soft lead rubber as the protective material, it is also equipped with special protective clothing made of various linings or fabrics.

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