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Manufacturing process of radiation protective clothing

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, the application of Ray is more and more extensive. The benefits of Ray application are our gospel, but the influence of Ray on body function is also something we cannot ignore. Therefore, the design and production of radiation protective clothing is a key protective measure for medical workers and chemical industry personnel.
Basic stitching: the sewing machine is indispensable for the production of protective clothing. The tightness of the thread and the fine degree of needle distance are all related to the effect presented. It can meet the stitching, zipper, Velcro, tightness and other processes in protective clothing.
Upper zipper and Velcro: Protective clothing usually adopts the closed placket design, that is, the internal zipper is closed, the external zipper is bonded, and the zipper and Velcro are connected through flat seams. In addition to being more convenient to put on and take off, this design can make the fit closer.
Cuffs, ankles, hats, and elastic bands on the waist: in order to make the protective clothing fit better, the cuffs, ankles, and hats are all designed for elastic closure, and elastic bands can be used for closure, the purpose is to reinforce the compatibility of protective clothing with other protective articles, and to prevent dust or liquid from entering the interior.
Adhesive adhesive tape: the reason why protective clothing can achieve such high sealing performance cannot be separated from this important step. After sewing the protective clothing, all pinholes in the protective clothing need to be pressed and sealed by hot air seam sealing machinery to prevent dust or liquid from entering the sewing pinholes and enhance the isolation performance and safety of the protective clothing.

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