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What labels should be designed for ray protective clothing

Radiation protective clothing is a metal tantalum fiber material, lead-free and non-toxic material, which is the current material. It is an industrial product through gamma ray Detection. It is a conjoined style to ensure the safety of all parts of the body, especially suitable for group, disposal and rescue. It is also divided into two categories, one is X-ray protective clothing, which mainly protects X-ray gamma rays, and the other is ordinary non-ionizing radiation protective clothing, which is mainly used to protect electromagnetic radiation and some long-wave rays. X-ray protective clothing is mainly made of lead (pb) rubber.
The ID card of the radiation protective clothing should have a firmly fixed label, and the following information should be clearly and permanently marked on the label:
1. Product name, specification and grade;
2. Manufacturer name and address;
3. Product executive standard number and year number;
4. Production date;
5. X-ray-proof performance.
Anti-X-ray performance marking method is: lead equivalent (lead-containing material: not less than 5 times of test value under tube voltage to small value; Non-lead material: the test values under multiple tube voltages can be given, and the test values should be included as small as the test values, unit: mmPb)/Tube voltage (corresponding to the X-ray peak tube voltage used in lead equivalent detection, unit: kV)/screen plate (screen plate used in lead equivalent test). Example: 0.35mmPb(150kV/0.7mmCu). If there is a new purchase of lead wrapping, without these contents, it will be unqualified products!

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