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Does the thickness of radiation-proof clothes affect it

For the choice of radiation-proof clothes thick and bad, first of all, we need to make it clear: According to the experiment, under the same radiation protection effect, there is no difference between the thick and thin ones, that is to say, the effect of radiation-proof clothes has nothing to do with the thickness of the fabric. Why do you say that?
That's because radiation-proof clothes can achieve the effect of radiation protection because of the existence of metal fibers and silver fibers in this fabric, which have certain radiation protection effects! Comparing metal fiber radiation-proof clothes with silver fiber radiation-proof clothes with the same shielding value, the radiation protection of metal fiber is thicker, while the radiation-proof clothes of silver fiber is thinner. It can be seen that the thickness of radiation-proof clothes is irrelevant to the effect!
The protective performance of protective clothing largely depends on the condition of its metal particles and its material performance. The finer the metal is ground, the more dense and uniform the distribution in lead rubber or metal composition, and the better the protective performance naturally. On the contrary, the heavier the protective material, the larger the lead particles or other metal particles may be, the larger the gap will be, and the worse the protective performance will be. However, the advantage of high quality lightweight protective material is that its metal is evenly distributed with fine powder particles.
Generally speaking, the higher the lead equivalent, the better the protective effect, but the heavier the protective clothing must be, plus-sized the body's endurance and affects the operation efficiency. Moreover, lead equivalent is an easy indicator for geng to reach. It is not possible to judge whether the protective clothing is good or bad only by the indicator of lead equivalent. It should be based on softness, the performance of a protective suit is comprehensively measured in terms of weight and service life. For lead equivalent, the lead equivalent that meets the national standard should be selected according to the specific Ray environment.

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